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About Us

The Leadership Clinic is a globally focused leadership development, corporate training and personal development company. The Leadership Clinic strives to be a high impact maker in the corporate, SMEs, professional and personal lives of millions around the world.

The Leadership Clinic conveys a powerful message of hope that transcends barriers of age, culture, race, religion and profession. With every program customized and made to talk to the needs and challenges of the client, the company has a track record of producing results in the speaking, training and consultancy arena.

With clients in the public sector, governments, listed companies, ICC cricket teams and players, SMEs, NGOs and International organizations, the military, The Leadership Clinic offers powerful programs and courses that produce results and have a lasting impact.

Meet Pascal Nyasha


Pascal Nyasha is a talented and sought after Motivational speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of the book, "Reaching new horizon". Pascal has been a columnist for the Business Herald (90 000 weekly reach), SME and Entrepreneurship magazine with a 415 000 monthly print run, circulating in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, sharing space with greats such as Tony Robbins and Dr Marshal Goldsmith, he wrote for 'The Accountant', a magazine published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, is a weekly guest in the SME Times in India with a 3,5 million online weekly reach, for 'The Marketer', a magazine by the Marketers Association, for Newsday newspaper with a reach of over 100 000 in print and over 2 million online and for the Chronicles newspaper among others. He is the founder of Grace TV, a free t air channel broadcasting across 54 countries, is the Founder and Chairman of the Leadership Clinic, a global leadership and personal development company. Pascal has addressed organizations such as the International Trade Centre, Impact Hub, and ACCA among many other leading organizations, governments and NGOs. Pascal is a qualified Social Worker and is an active board member for children’s home caring for 22 children. He has received two entrepreneurship award from Junior Chamber International for creativity and won a speaking championship with Toastmasters.